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“The Musician Entrepreneur”

MyKULT Feature with Hans Nayna

“The Social Entrepreneurs”

MyKULT Exclusive with Island Bio [Founders: John Oliver Fanfan & Clöé Chavry] “The Social Entrepreneurs”

"Empowerment Entrepreneur"

MyKULT Exclusive with Aishetu Fatima Dozie [Finance Exec | Founder, African HERstory | Venture Capitalist | Empowerment Entrepreneur

“Africa Inspired”

MyKULT Exclusive with Soul Inscribed [Professional Hip Hop / Spoken Word Band from New York City] “Africa Inspired”

“Social Entrepreneur / Eco Ambassador”

MyKULT Exclusive with Chineyenwa Okoro Okoro Onu [Idealist Novsaic Expression] “Social Entrepreneur / Eco Ambassador”

“Africa Is A Global Powerhouse”

MyKULT Exclusive with Taire Avbovdo [Founder & CEO of Odrin] “Africa Is A Global Powerhouse”

“The Future of Africa”

MyKULT Exclusive with Lyndon Rego [Executive Director, Center for Leadership at ALU] “The Future of Africa”

"Opportunity of Entrepreneurship"

MyKULT Exclusive with Catherine Duggan [Professor of Management & Political Economy, Vice Dean for Strategy & Research at ALU]

“Aspire to Inspire”

MyKULT Exclusive with Marie Ann Lagane [President of the Will Fly Association in Mauritius] “Aspire to Inspire”

“Technology Entrepreneur”

MyKULT Exclusive with Frederick Swai [Founder and CEO of New Anointing Computer Technology (NACT)] “Technology Entrepreneur”

"Transformative Africa"

MyKULT Exclusive with Eva Telemaque [President of Transformative Solutions Inc.]

“Senegalese Identity, Culture, and Fashion”

MyKULT Exclusive with Safiétou Seck [Founder & CEO of SARAYAA] "Business Entrepreneur"

“Beer Alchemist & Visionary Entrepreneur”

MyKULT Exclusive with Oscar Olsen [Founder & CEO of The Flying Dodo Brewery Company] “Beer Alchemist & Visionary Entrepreneur”